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Went To San Japan

2016-09-17 19:26:45 by YukkiHonoka

What happened to me? I used to be involved with the community a lot. Or atleast tried to.

I moved recently to Texas. Very lovely down here. Much more complex than boring ol' Michigan. All kinds of people are around here, and no one is afraid to be themselves. Unless you're me. Wearing a dress out in the streets isn't the best unless you're going to a specific place and if no one can tell you're really a man. Haha.

Anyways, here is a picture from San Japan taken by a very kind girl who really found my outfit lovable who happened to email this to me because my camera was a bit dark and hers had decent enough lighting for me.



I am being transferred back

2016-04-01 20:28:33 by YukkiHonoka

Hey everyone, I can't be on Newgrounds anymore! Ever since Trump ruled Newgrounds, I am forced to go back to Soundcloud because that's where I originally came from. :'(

I did a lot here from the past year and really enjoyed it, but, somehow people thought Trump would be a good replacement for Tom. This is my last message goodbye!


P.S. I wanna try to sneak back in, but Trump's new fire-wall keeps me from doing so. :'(

Happy New Years!

2016-01-01 12:21:07 by YukkiHonoka

Hope you had a good one.  Still putting the works on my music.  I'll have all promised tracks done this year.  Please bare with me.

So, there's two things I wanna talk about.

Learn to compose (or even learn Music theory, or become a better sight reader).

Convert midi into sheet music.

There's a FREE tool that allows you to make a professional (no paper wasting) music score by midi or self writing it.  Back then, I used this a lot. It taught me a lot about writing music on actual music sheet.

Musecore.com is the website where you may download it.  So, if you ever wanted to play live, but need to hire a few musicians to play the extra instruments, well here you go with this.  Start productivily write music scores or convert midi into a music score.

I hope this makes thing fun for you! <:


First Gay Club?

2015-09-02 20:09:07 by YukkiHonoka

These are both my mom and step mom.  Both married a couple of weeks ago! This was a gay pride day thing, and I went to my very first gay club!

My exprience at the club.  Well, I've been told most people are very protective over their boyfriend/girlfriend, so, it was sort of hard to make friends and tell them I was new and just wanted encouragement on how to dance even though I am terrible at dancing.  I am shy, so, it's been a bit hard for me.  I did get to talk a little to some, but they kept on dancing and didn't say I could hang around with them for the rest of the night.  I was very scared at one point where I almost cried because I was so nervous/shy.  But, I didn't.  It wasn't the perfect first exprience at a club, but who has a first perfect exprience? Besides, the people who I went with didn't really seem to have fun either and claimed that the reason why it wasn't fun were because it's Pride.

The dragqueens were beautiful.  I loved all the traditional ones, but I loved the outoftheordinary ones better! I love them and what they do.  It takes a lot of courage to get on stage and dance in bootyshorts. 




I will post an original song eventually.  It will probably be "I am In Love With You".  But, yeah. It may be awhile! So, for who ever cares, just letting you know. :)

I discovered something! :)

2015-07-31 00:26:16 by YukkiHonoka

People often complain when people act like an a**hole on Newgrounds.  Well, yeah, I've noticed one particular person who does nothing but complain and continues to be rude to people on the audio patrol.  Not going to say names - but I've found this awesome feature on Newgrounds that everyone should be more aware of.

The block button! BLOCK THE DAMN TROLLS. Then they go right under that bridge.  They go under that bridge and die because the block button destroyed them! It's a wonderful feature.  So, if someone is pissing you off and you just want to say words but best decide not to because you just don't want to cause a scene.  Well, use the block button and block the little b****. They're gone in a flick.

Life of the internet. :)

Me and my sis. :b

Isn't she beautiful? :3

Practice is key!

2015-07-18 10:49:06 by YukkiHonoka

Me and my mom had a conversation.  I used to spend atleast 8-12 hours, sometimes stay up late at night singing, playing piano, learning to become better.


Inspiration kept me forward! I got bored of being limited on my composition, and I helped myself expand to the composer and singer I am today.  I'll let you know, I was terrrrrrrriiiibbble! So, NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP! When you get bored by something you may have loved the first time, then admit you're bored and change it.  I used to be obsessed with eurodance music, and now I am into this whole Japanaese musical culture.  I haven't gotten bored from this 2 whole years after learning from YOHIO and Japanese music culture itself.

I don't care how well your reputation you have, or how many followers on NEWGROUNDs you have.  If I disagree with you, I will disagree with you.  I have opinions too because I am simply human, and I make sure to back up my opinions with facts I believe are facts.  And, when I am wrong, I'll admit it completely. 

I won't be a butt kisser and agree with you just because your reputation is well known on NEWGROUNDs.  In my book, everyone here is equal as 0.

So, if I ever disagreed with you, I don't need to be reminded on how awesome you are at what you do because I don't care.  It won't stop me from disagreeing. It doesn't work that way. :-)


Side note,

Depending on ratings you have on NEWGROUNDs, if low, I will vote your music a 5, so that people may easily see it and give an opinion.  But for every song I rate, I will leave an opinion with constructive cirtism (if I know what's wrong, but if not, I'll just state it sounds off).  But, if you're a known NEWGROUNDs user, I'll make sure to vote honestly.  I will never vote a 0 unless it's just a bunch of randomness that hold no meeting.  I'll also not judge the genre, nor lyrics (if there are any).  So, if you have anything song you want me to review, I'll review honestly.