First Gay Club?

2015-09-02 20:09:07 by YukkiHonoka

These are both my mom and step mom.  Both married a couple of weeks ago! This was a gay pride day thing, and I went to my very first gay club!

My exprience at the club.  Well, I've been told most people are very protective over their boyfriend/girlfriend, so, it was sort of hard to make friends and tell them I was new and just wanted encouragement on how to dance even though I am terrible at dancing.  I am shy, so, it's been a bit hard for me.  I did get to talk a little to some, but they kept on dancing and didn't say I could hang around with them for the rest of the night.  I was very scared at one point where I almost cried because I was so nervous/shy.  But, I didn't.  It wasn't the perfect first exprience at a club, but who has a first perfect exprience? Besides, the people who I went with didn't really seem to have fun either and claimed that the reason why it wasn't fun were because it's Pride.

The dragqueens were beautiful.  I loved all the traditional ones, but I loved the outoftheordinary ones better! I love them and what they do.  It takes a lot of courage to get on stage and dance in bootyshorts. 





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2015-09-04 18:07:35

aww that's awesome for both your mom and step mom! also yeah meeting people for the first time at a bar is strange, it's a different environment than i'm use to and I don't go out much to them at all, so you're not the only one that thinks that lol. It's cool though that you went out though regardless, here's to having a better experience going out!

YukkiHonoka responds:

It was pretty fun regardless the gloomy people I went with. lol. At least I got hugs for looking beautiful.