I discovered something! :)

2015-07-31 00:26:16 by YukkiHonoka

People often complain when people act like an a**hole on Newgrounds.  Well, yeah, I've noticed one particular person who does nothing but complain and continues to be rude to people on the audio patrol.  Not going to say names - but I've found this awesome feature on Newgrounds that everyone should be more aware of.

The block button! BLOCK THE DAMN TROLLS. Then they go right under that bridge.  They go under that bridge and die because the block button destroyed them! It's a wonderful feature.  So, if someone is pissing you off and you just want to say words but best decide not to because you just don't want to cause a scene.  Well, use the block button and block the little b****. They're gone in a flick.

Life of the internet. :)


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2015-07-31 00:38:19

YES YES it is a very magical button that i am grateful for on NG, otherwise i probably would've left by now lol

YukkiHonoka responds:

It's pretty awesome! <3


2015-08-01 18:52:47

The block button was a relatively recent feature too, but we know that it at least coexists with the interaction system. There were ways to block other users before, but not as simple as the little button with the red shield.