Something I Want People To Know

2015-07-18 00:22:35 by YukkiHonoka

I don't care how well your reputation you have, or how many followers on NEWGROUNDs you have.  If I disagree with you, I will disagree with you.  I have opinions too because I am simply human, and I make sure to back up my opinions with facts I believe are facts.  And, when I am wrong, I'll admit it completely. 

I won't be a butt kisser and agree with you just because your reputation is well known on NEWGROUNDs.  In my book, everyone here is equal as 0.

So, if I ever disagreed with you, I don't need to be reminded on how awesome you are at what you do because I don't care.  It won't stop me from disagreeing. It doesn't work that way. :-)


Side note,

Depending on ratings you have on NEWGROUNDs, if low, I will vote your music a 5, so that people may easily see it and give an opinion.  But for every song I rate, I will leave an opinion with constructive cirtism (if I know what's wrong, but if not, I'll just state it sounds off).  But, if you're a known NEWGROUNDs user, I'll make sure to vote honestly.  I will never vote a 0 unless it's just a bunch of randomness that hold no meeting.  I'll also not judge the genre, nor lyrics (if there are any).  So, if you have anything song you want me to review, I'll review honestly.




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2015-07-18 06:44:38

You don't look very japanese

YukkiHonoka responds:

I don't have to be Japanese.