Practice is key!

2015-07-18 10:49:06 by YukkiHonoka

Me and my mom had a conversation.  I used to spend atleast 8-12 hours, sometimes stay up late at night singing, playing piano, learning to become better.


Inspiration kept me forward! I got bored of being limited on my composition, and I helped myself expand to the composer and singer I am today.  I'll let you know, I was terrrrrrrriiiibbble! So, NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP! When you get bored by something you may have loved the first time, then admit you're bored and change it.  I used to be obsessed with eurodance music, and now I am into this whole Japanaese musical culture.  I haven't gotten bored from this 2 whole years after learning from YOHIO and Japanese music culture itself.


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2015-07-18 22:47:50

This is really inspiring! This should probably be common knowledge to the noobs out there who will become future master composers/artists.

YukkiHonoka responds:

I am glad you find it inspiring. :)


2015-07-19 18:43:58

You know, I'm glad your mum's proud of you. I didn't have the gift of supportive parents -- but rather, abusive ones, who seized every opportunity they could to crack down upon me taking my music further than "just a hobby". I'd been beaten up and had my sheet music torn to pieces by them. But that hasn't stopped me from making music, and to this very day, everything I compose is done out of disobedience to my parents, and obedience to the Almighty. I remember those painful years where I had to wait until everyone left the house before I could record any compositions on piano, with my voice, or on drums, because if there were still people in...... I didn't know what would happen to me.

Right now I'm simply grateful that I live in much calmer times and in a much calmer place.

On the subject of Japanese music culture, if you're familiar with Vocaloids, why not share some Kaito covers? I'm working on one which originally featured Kagamine Len in it, and I'm eager to finish it.

YukkiHonoka responds:

It's rare for me to do covers nowadays. I have packs of songs I've written on this computer. Covers will just come later in time --Sorry to hear that. You got through it though, and that's all that matters. Believing yourself is a good way to move on in the future.


2015-07-20 03:51:47

Hey, I'm really glad you're opening up to everyone you'll surely do great things as a Newgrounder if you just keep up the good work.
Keep uploading your songs to NG.

YukkiHonoka responds:

Thank you! :)